Increase Immunity System Naturally

Increase Immunity System Naturally

Increase Immunity System Naturally

Many times we see many people around us who are very thin to look, seem quite weak but are at least ill. And there are many people who look very healthy, very healthy but often fall ill, it is due to immunity. Our body has a defense system. Which protects us from external diseases, from viruses and from infections. This is called immunity i.e. immunity. So if your immunity is strong, your immunity is strong, then you will avoid more and more diseases, infections, viruses. But if your immunity is weak then you will fall sick again and again and you will continue to suffer from infection.

So in this post today, I am going to tell you what you should do and what you should eat to strengthen your immunity, to strengthen your immunity, which will strengthen your immunity. So let’s start.

Symptoms of immunity weakness

Colds change as the weather changes.

We see many people that when the weather changes, they get many diseases like colds, then it is a symptom that their immunity is weak.

Feeling lethargic all the time

If you feel a lethargy, a rush at all times, then it is a symptom of your immunity being weak, your immunity weak.

Not getting well soon

If you are sick again and again or do not recover quickly after getting sick, then it is a symptom of your immunity week.

Get tired even if a little work

If you do some work and you get tired soon then it is a symptom of your immunity being weak.

What to do to increase immunity?

Do not ignore morning breakfast

It is a habit of many people to ignore breakfast in the morning. This not only worsens the health of such people, but also affects their immunity. If you want to strengthen and improve your immunity, then no matter how urgent work is, you must have breakfast in the morning. Include boiled eggs, seasonal fresh fruits, oatmeal, nuts, sprouted grains as well as juice or lassi in your morning breakfast. When you start your day with the right breakfast, it will nourish both your body and mind as well as strengthen your immunity.

Keep your weight under control

Obesity is the root of many diseases. The truth is that obese people are more afflicted with stomach related diseases than thin people. You can also suffer from problems like diabetes and blood pressure due to obesity. Due to obesity, immunity of the body also starts decreasing. Obesity causes difficulty in forming white cells i.e. white blood cells. Immunity decreases when white blood cells start decreasing in the body.

Do physical activity

It is very important to keep the body active to keep yourself healthy and improve your immunity. When you do not work and you eat food when you are hungry, then you become afflicted with many stomach related diseases. Physical inactivity affects your body’s immunity. To avoid this, make regular exercise a part of your daily routine.

Get 8 hours of sleep daily

To stay healthy it is very important that you sleep well. Doctors also believe that an eight-hour deep sleep is very important to stay healthy. The truth is that many problems related to health are due to lack of sleep. In the changing daily routine, you also work at night, due to which your sleep is disturbed. If you want to keep yourself healthy as well as improve your immunity, then it is very important that you keep yourself away from unnecessary stress and sleep deeply.

Avoid smoking and alcohol

To keep yourself healthy, it is very important to stay away from drugs. If you use alcohol and cigarettes on a regular basis, then you have to control this habit to keep yourself healthy and improve immunity.

What to eat to increase immunity?


To increase immunity, include tomatoes in your diet. The anti-oxidant called lycopene is very important for your brain health. In addition, tomatoes are rich in vitamin K, vitamin C and fiber. Which prove to be very helpful in improving immunity.

Intake of citrus fruits

Citrus fruits like orange, lemon, amla, seasonal are rich in vitamin C, which helps in producing white blood cells that fight all types of infections. Make all these things a regular part of your diet, which will make your immunity strong.


Garlic gives our body’s immune system, that is, the defense system, the power to fight against diseases by making anti-oxidant in plenty. An element named allicin is found in it, which provides the body the power to fight any kind of infection and bacteria. Including some quantity of garlic in your diet daily, along with increasing the immunity of the body, also protects the body from stomach ulcers and cancer. Using two buds of garlic daily in the morning keeps blood pressure under control and also keeps the immune system strong for a long time.


In spinach, an element named folate is found which creates new cells in the body i.e. new cells, as well as strengthening of those cells and repairing DNA. The fiber present in it keeps the body healthy by increasing iron antioxidants. Vitamin C present in spinach is helpful in keeping the body healthy in every way. Regularly using boiled spinach increases immunity of the body, strengthens immunity.


Eating 8 to 10 grains of almonds daily not only enhances the body’s immunity, but its use also gives the brain the power to fight stress. Vitamin E present in almonds is helpful in increasing the naturally found cells in the body.


Along with using lots of vegetables and fruits to strengthen the immune system and increase immunity, drink plenty of water as well. It is a natural medicine. Drinking water removes many toxic substances stored in the body and immunity is strong.

I hope that you have now understood what you should do and what to eat to make your immunity strong, strengthen your immunity.

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